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Posted by Dan Dolinar on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 08:03 AM
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BuildingTech INSIDER is the latest buzz on how ideas and innovation are changing the built world.  Twice monthly online, our contributors will provide stories that peek into the future of A/E/C business practices, innovation, and culture.

The BuildingTech INSIDER Community

We are a community of people like you – people who love building technology and the way it is impacting and influencing our lives.  “BuildingTech INSIDERS” consist of architects, engineers, construction managers, tradespeople, builders, facilities managers, and technology fans. Get to know us by checking out our recent video, "Let's Build!"

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We invite you to build with us in this exciting time of change.  We’ll provide you with content and experiences from BuildingTech that will grow your imagination on building possibilities, including: 

  • Bimonthly Posts from our BuildingTech INSIDERs
  • A “behind-the-scenes” look at technology in-action
  • Resources for expanding your BuildingTech experience
  • Invitations to meet BuildingTech INSIDERs

A breadth of content will cover three main categories, including:

  • Business
  • Gear and Apps
  • Culture

BuildingTech Insider will broadcast bimonthly on blog.rsconstruction.com, and on Twitter @RSBuildingTech.  Every other week, a different INSIDER will tell a BuidingTech story from their perspective. 

Learn more about our featured BuildingTech INSIDERs.

The BuildTechnocrats

The BuildTechnocrats are design and building professionals who have a taste for tech.  While most of us are still waking up in the morning, they are caffeinated and tapping into some of the most exciting building experiences in the industry.  We are fortunate to capture their experiences and deliver their insights in our blog.

Content is provided by:

  • Market sector leaders
  • Designers
  • Builders in-and-out of the field

Content will cover:

  • Building technology application for all project phases.
  • Technical building that exceeds market sector specific expectations.
  • Environmentally friendly technology applications.

The Gearheads

Are you having a digital dilemma?  Our team of gearheads can come to the rescue with a technology toolbox of information that will help you identify the right gear and app that will help you get through your next project easier – while looking super cool doing it. 

Content is provided by:

  • Real life designers and builders who are always armed with a mobile device and ready for action.

Content will cover:

  • Jobsite hardware that makes a difference in daily work practices.
  • Jobsite mapping practices for all project phases.
  • Cloud technology and apps that change the way we collaborate between the office the device.
  • Mobile devices that are giving our designers and builders a sharper image.

Patrick “K” and VDC Team

Have you heard? Don’t go into a game of virtual design and construction (VDC) trivia with our resident resource, Patrick Krzyzosiak, aka Patrick “K”.  He knows the science behind VDC and is an authority on how it will impact the built world!  The Patrick “K” and VDC team offer great insight into next generation building.

Content is provided by:

  • Patrick “K” and the VDC team

Content will cover:

  • Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout a project’s lifecycle.
  • VDC/BIM validation to address the owner’s challenge and needs.
  • VDC best practices and recommendations for design coordination and field implementation.
  • 5D real-time cost estimating and 4D model-based construction sequencing and cost control.
  • VDC/BIM solutions for cost and time savings to the owner.

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We want hear from you. Let us know your building technology interests or feel free to just say hello.  It is great to hear from our BuildTech community and learn more about what is making your project tick with tech. 

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