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What Calculators Are In Your Builder’s Toolbox?

Posted by Dan Dolinar on Thu, Oct 31, 2013 @ 09:10 AM
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Are you looking for the ideal calculator to tackle some of your simple or more complex equations?  In today’s world of smart phones and mobile devices, a range of calculators are right at your fingertips.  Not only can you access them at any time, these applications tend to be less expensive than their physical counterparts.  Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor, or tradesperson, there is a calculator app for you. Check them out; you may find one that satisfies a current need:

construction calculator 

App Name: Architects Formulator

By MultiEducator Inc

Description: The ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR contains over 400 formulas helpful for architects. ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR combines all of the formulas from our Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing Formulators. In addition, this product also includes Concrete and Excavations formulas, that perform calculations for excavating or filling soil, and simple concrete quantity calculations. The program also includes special formulas just for architects for concrete and steel design, parking area, as well as basic formulas for wind load and wind overturning force. 

construction calculator 

App Name: Beambuddy

By MicroAssignments, Inc.

Description: Want a quick answer to a structural loading problem? Want to determine the deflection, shear and moment of a wooden beam in a variety of loading conditions within seconds and check these values at any point along the beam? Want to make adjustments and see the effects instantly in a clear graphical presentation right at your fingertips? If so then BeamBuddy is the app you’ve been looking for.

construction calculator 

App Name: BuildCalc – Advanced Construction Calculator

By 42nd Parallel

Description: What if you could take the best construction calculator and fix it. That’s right ... you love it, it has served you well, and you stand by it ... but could it do more? Could it be easier to use? BuildCalc is ready to give you more function and more answers with less complexity, less hassle, and less confusion.

construction calculator 

App Name: Carpenter’s Helper*

By My Pie Interactive

Description: Carpenter’s Helper is an advanced construction calculator, capable of handling even the most demanding construction projects. 

construction calculator 

App Name: Construction Master Pro

By Calculated Industries

Description: The official Construction Master® Pro from Calculated Industries for your iPhone and iPad includes two models: #4065 and #4080 (CM Pro with Trig). Built with the same features and functions, and with the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math calculators from Calculated Industries. You’ll actually get two apps in one, since the Construction Master Pro for iPhone has all the functionality of the Construction Master Pro and the Construction Master Pro Trig -– and includes a full User’s Guide built in, as well as the ability to press and hold a key for specific help!

construction calculator

App Name: Converting Units for Construction 

By Construction Knowledge.net

Description: Features of Converting Units Calculator for Construction: Contains the most commonly used construction units (English and metric) including: length, area, volume, density, mass, pressure, speed, acceleration, energy and power and a decimal feet to feet and inches converter.

construction calculator

App Name: Drywall Calculator

By Jeremy Breaux

Description: This handy iPhone/iPod Touch application assists you in easily figuring out square footage of a room. Whether you want to calculate just the walls, ceiling or a slope (triangle), or any combination of the previous you would like to figure.

construction calculator

App Name: Electrical Calculators

By V Pugazhenthi

Description: 39 Electrical Calculators with Formula & Multiple Units. Automatic Calculation with Unit Conversion. Professionally designed User-Interface with Accurate Calculation.

Construction Calculator

App Name: HVAC Psychometric

By Carmel Software Corporation

Description: The "HVAC Psychrometric Plus" app is the #1 selling psychrometric application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Thousands of happy users have downloaded this useful application for performing quick and simple psychrometric analysis.

construction calculator

App Name: HVAC Buddy Duct Calc

By Kevin Burandt

Description: Are all Duct sizing calculators tedious? The wheel ductulators and computerized versions are pretty amazing but you still are left testing different combinations given a set of design parameters. Duct Calc Buddy goes just a bit further and runs through iterations to generate a list of duct sizes meeting a given friction loss, velocity, and material.

construction calculator

App Name: inchCALC

By River Studio

Description: inchCALC is an entry level construction calculator for people who work with the FEET• INCH• FRACTION dimensions. These dimensions are shear drudgery when you have to manually add or subtract them --- let alone multiply or divide. If you are a builder, contractor, sub-contractor, architect, engineer or designer, you know the importance of working with accurate dimensions. inchCALC™ tranforms your iPhone / iPod Touch into an easy to use FT• IN• FRACTION construction calculator that inputs and outputs dimensions exactly as they appear on a tape measure.

construction calculator

App Name: Roofing Calculator PRO

By RoofingCalculator.org

Description: Roofing Calculator helps you Estimate Steep Slope Roofs in seconds. Estimate simple & complicated roofs, multi-section roofs, valley, dormers, tear-off, etc., and get detailed report, with all roof dimensions, and material list with prices, needed for the job.

construction calculator

App Name: Wood Beam Design Construction

By ConstructionKnowledge.net

Description: An easy to use wood beam design calculator for construction & building:
Inputs: span, beam size, lumber type and option of point load or uniformly distributed load (only simple beam spans included). Outputs: calculated stress in bending, the allowable stress of your beam type and the calculated and allowed deflection.

construction calculator

App Name: Structural Wood Design Calculator 

By Studio.618 Inc. 

Description: The Structural Wood Design Calculator is a tool for engineers, architects, and builders, as well as students to design wood beams for strength in bending, shear, deflection, and bearing.

construction calculator

App Name: Steel Beam Design Construction

By ConstructionKnowledge.net

Description: A steel beam design calculator for construction & building:
Inputs: span, beam size, steel shape & size. Properties of US hot rolled steel beams included. An option of point load or uniformly distributed load (only simple beam spans included).
Outputs: calculated stress in bending, the allowable stress of your beam type and the calculated and allowed deflection. Other features & notes:
Results can be emailed, texted or copied to the phone’s clipboard.


Did you download some of these calculator apps? If you are looking for more industry apps, check out Construction Field Guide: What's In Your Builder's App Toolbox.

What’s in your toolbox?  Please share the great tools you use in your daily work practices below and we’ll feature your app.  We look forward to your feedback!

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