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Raising the Bar in BIM Using 360 Glue® for CSU Monterey

Posted by Patrick Krzyzosiak on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 19:10 PM
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It seems like just yesterday when we were suffering from public funding uncertainty due to volatile market conditions. This case study discusses Academic Building II at California State University, Monterey -- a project that reminds us how we overcame that difficult time. This project underwent many state funding delays. As a team, we took these conditions into consideration and remained steadfast in our commitment to preserve the project’s planned budget.With a required CM at Risk delivery and 14-month accellerated construction schedule, project plans called for a 3-story, 59,000sf multi-discipline academic building with a steel frame structure and atrium open to all three floors. The building would be comprised of lecture halls, conference rooms, lounge areas, offices, classrooms and laboratories. The scope required complex radiant flooring, natural ventilation, and conventional HVAC systems. In whole, the project required a complex building envelope to control energy flows, reduce summer overheating, and winter cooling to improve the performance of passive heating and cooling systems. We needed to apply a software solution that would greatly aid in our ability to meet the project's challenges.  

As a general business practice, we like to engage with our design partners, stakeholders and trade contractors via cloud-based solutions.  For this project, we agreed the investment in BIM 360TM Glue® would allow us to rapidly and efficiently develop and collaborate on the project model as a community.  Our goal was to host a single source platform for engagement allowing us to avoid the rework typically associated with out-of-date, misaligned BIM processes, and model information. In effect, we’d be able to identify and capture inefficiencies throughout the course of the project in an effort to adhere to the budget requirements and meet the accelerated project schedule.

CSU Monterey, Academic Building 2

Academic Building II at CSU Monterey

Two key reasons why we decided to use BIM 360TM Glue®: 

  • BIM 360TM Glue® accelerates BIM management: BIM 360™ Glue® is a cloud-based, BIM management and collaboration software solution that brings together the project community and streamlines BIM project workflows. BIM 360™ Glue® has the ability to accelerate project review processes and allows multidisciplinary teams to rapidly identify and resolve coordination issues. During construction coordination, Rudolph and Sletten’s lead BIM manager, along with the project’s subcontractors, generated regular progress status information (mark-ups, comments, clash report, etc.). This information was visible and available anytime to each trade and stakeholder without request. With greater visibility to the progress status, we were able to easily identify and capture coordination inefficiencies.

  • BIM 360TMGlue® creates a bridge between disciplinary teams:  BIM 360TM Glue® provides project stakeholders with easy access to up-to-date BIM data.  This information is securely accessed at any place at any time allowing for an effective exchange based upon real time project data.  In addition, BIM 360TM Glue® allows the team to annotate project models, add project notifications, track project activities and, ultimately, make more informed project decisions. Cloud-based collaboration allowed the entire team to always work in sync with the most updated information available. Because stakeholder engagement was extremely visible, the team was inspired to be more accountable and perform at their very best. No one wanted to appear like they are holding up the project, so everyone aimed to get the job right the first time without delay.

360TM Glue®

Project Team Collaboration on California State University of Monterey Bay

CSU Monterey Team Experienced These Benefits Using 360TM Glue® :

  • Timely Collaboration and Project Model Review: Like any other the project, the team needed to review a series of multidisciplinary project models. BIM 360TM Glue® allowed our team to review these models from anywhere allowing for a more streamlined approach reviewing the BIM workflow.  In addition, BIM 360TM Glue® allowed for annotation and notification functionalities which proved to be invaluable enabling a more productive work environment with the ability to access the latest models and information available. Working in the cloud, where models were marked-up and immediately available (real-time) allowed all team members to apply timely corrective action and review.

  • Eased BIM Coordination Via Cloud: Cloud-based BIM coordination allowed the project team to quickly identify and resolve conflicts during preconstruction and construction activities. BIM 360TM Glue® helped the CSU Monterey team streamline model conflict resolution more effectively with coordination workflows. The latest 3D models were uploaded directly from Revit, AutoCAD.  That function allowed the team to easily access and isolate clashes and resolve these conflicts. Clash detection became very dynamic compared to traditional clash detection where team share models and information through a single contact who collects all data, coordinates it and redistributes later using Naviswork. This accelerates the turn around on model changes because other team members are automatically notified and able to then make their own model adjustments. In effect, team’s progress became much more visible, resulting in a project environment where members were much more accountable and responsible. Everyone was able to see each other’s progress and performance. We could immediately identify which individuals who were not collaborating and slowing down the team. BIM 360TM Glue® provided high visibility and increased accountability for team collaboration and communication.

  • Instant Mobile Access: As you’ve read in prior posts, access to the project models via mobile device is greatly changing work practices.  With easy and secure access, our teams are able to explore multidisciplinary models online, offline, or in the field. We can conduct a walk-through of the project model with navigation optimized for BIM.  We can also select, exclude and reveal specific discipline models and objects. The cloud-based collaboration environment for CSU Monterey was accessed via mobile tablet and allowed our teams to access model information from the field or at any other location. Models sync onto an iPad or tablet and accessed via the BIM 360TM Glue® app for tracking and monitoring field activities through the course of construction.

  • Ability to Validate Field Measurements: 360TM Glue® is handy for measuring model objects with intuitive point-to-point tools, snapping objects and mark-up. During coordination, CSU Monterey models were marked-up and synced. Those mark-ups were immediately available for all team members and notifications were sent to specific team members for corrective action in the form of link via email.

  • Eased Management and Coordination of Project Models: Using BIM 360TM Glue® makes managing and coordinating project models easier.  With a simple drag and drop, project models from varying tool formats can be incorporated.  Model versions are automatically managed.  Project activities are tracked with automated notifications. In the past, we shared models and information through a main person who collected the data, coordinated and redistributed it. This traditional coordination process did not emphasize the importance of communication and need for real-time information between team members. Working from a single source, cloud-based platform for collaboration and communication was extremely beneficial and effective for our team.

In conclusion, we came to really understand and appreciate the potential return on investment collaborating with BIM 360TM Glue®. It really maintained the up-front commitment from all stakeholders and focused on the success of the project. It facilitated timely, relevant communication among all team members, eased the comparison of various design alternatives, reduced conflicts and greatly improved the decision making process. In whole, we were able to make extremely reliable and high value owner recommendations. 

To learn more about our experience with BIM 360TM Glue®, please contact the VDC/BIM Department at Rudolph and Sletten.

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