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A Field Guide to Using PlanGrid On An Active Construction Site

Posted by Josh Cantrell on Thu, Aug 13, 2015 @ 14:08 PM

Simplicity makes PlanGrid a superintendent’s and field engineer’s “go to” job site app. The PlanGrid platform allows for real-time plan updates and synchronizes changes over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It is practical and easy to incorporate on a project of any size or scope.  This mobile tool takes away the need for paper blueprints, delivers much-needed plan version control, and creates a collaborative environment for sharing project critical information including markups, progress photos, and issues tracking.

So what can you expect from PlanGrid? 

Engage with a simple-to-use interface: The simplistic PlanGrid interface is intuitive, allowing you the ability to get down to business immediately.  You are not confused by too many distracting elements; the focus is on the job at hand. As an added benefit, once you set-up your account and customized checklists, your work stays there. You will not have to recreate the wheel for the next job.

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Work from one master set: When you pull up project plans on your job site tablet or mobile devise you are working with the latest plans. Automatic version control is built within PlanGrid; you are never at risk of building from out-of-date drawings. This is tremendously helpful for field personnel. We no longer have to waste time rifling through multiple sets of plan versions before we get to work each day. You simply upload the latest plan file set and head out to the job site.

Roll with a speed demon on the job site: You’ll find PlanGrid file uploads are blazing fast. Let’s face it. When you are on the jobsite, you want easy, instant access to the latest project plans.  Armed with your iPad or tablet devise and the PlanGrid app, you simply locate yourself in an Internet service area and get the blueprints you need.

Never lose sight of the changes:  Do you remember the days when you used a light table to find the changes in drawing sets? Were you able to find all the changes? If you missed a change, did it end up resulting in an increase in project time and/or money?  It’s tough to prioritize changes when you cannot easily locate the changes to the drawing sets.  PlanGrid also allows you to generate punch lists, access a rolling log from the team, and create and distribute reports.

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Provide the details your team needs: PlanGrid automatically turns detail callouts into hyperlinks. Think of hyperlinks as a new age footnote allowing you to elaborate or provide additional information from within the blueprint.  Hyperlinks can also be placed in the plans to quickly connect recipients to specific points, known as anchors, in the plans.

construction technology, PlanGrid

Access information from cloud-based back-up: PlanGrid provides cloud-based back-up allowing you to work online or offline. It is also a reliable solution for ensuring you will never lose the latest project plans. You do not need Internet service to work from downloaded plans.  Once you are in an Internet service area, you can synchronize your changes to the cloud.

Experience a greater level of team sharing: Remember the days when you had to leave the construction site, walk to the job site trailer and reference the construction drawings just get further clarification on a job site issue. Once you had the information you needed, you’d have to hike back out to the site, eyeball the problem to verify the discrepancy, pencil in notes in your notebook, hike back to trailer, scan the plan, log into your computer, launch your email, send the scan to the architect, review the issue over the phone as both parties looked at the sketch, agree on a solution, finalize the documentation, electronically distribute the updated documentation to impacted parties, then walk back to the construction site to give hardcopies to the field personnel implementing the change. Just think about the amount of time spent walking back and forth to resolve one issue!!! 

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PlanGrid removes the need to leave the job site.  The platform gives project teams easy access to the most up-to-date blueprints. While on the job site, they can quickly add mark-ups, create RFIs, capture and append photos to the project plans, and send. This tool is a true time saver.

Provides project information safeguards:  Along with providing cloud back-up, PlanGrid provides end-to-end encryption safeguarding your project information. When your project is complete, you can export the information into a single file for archive.   

There is no doubt, PlanGrid provides true value for job site personnel. Did we completely cover PlanGrid’s benefits in the field? If not, please share how you’ve used PlanGrid with us in the comments section.

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