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Case Study: Using Bluebeam On the San Diego Central Court

Posted by Kyle Specht on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 07:08 AM

As one of the largest construction companies in California, we work on a range of commercial and public projects. We are currently building the San Diego Central Court, a $450,000,000 project. The work includes the construction of a 22-story, 704,380 gross square-foot court and office building, incorporating 71 courtrooms. The building consists of a moment-resisting steel structural frame clad with unitized, insulated aluminum and glass curtain walls and architectural precast concrete panels. The project also includes construction of a new 182’ long pedestrian bridge connecting the new courthouse with the existing Hall of Justice.


Image from Brewer Crane

A project of this size and scope requires the management of a number of project drawings and documents. The team needs to have a solution that effectively organizes this information throughout the project’s duration and requires efficient workflows that go beyond the traditional paper-based methods. We knew we had to identify the right tool to manage and locate up-to-date drawings and documents accessible for all team members with the ability to annotate, mark-up, and add feedback. In addition, the team needed to be able to readily access this information from the field.

Early on in the project, the project team made a collective decision to use Bluebeam Revu, a markup and collaboration solution for technical professionals on many of the project’s phases. We used Revu on other projects and were confident that this solution’s ability to hyperlink and annotate would be a benefit to the needs of the San Diego Central Court Project.

Revu provides tremendous benefits to the San Diego Central Court project, specifically in managing information. We are able to organize and link related information via Box (a cloud storage platform.) The project’s document control team searches PDFs to instantly identify specific architectural references. These references are linked to associated project documents. The functionality allows the field team to look up references from the worksite. The references are easily opened upon clicking the comment. Answers to worksite questions are available within a click. If additional comments need to be made, the project team can easily annotate, ask questions, or provide feedback and then synchronize back to Box.


The trades, the inspection team, and the R&S team collaboratively use Bluebeam to track inspections. The Trade will make highlighted plans of the area requiring inspection for the R&S and inspection teams to verify. The highlights of the plans change colors as the status of the inspections change throughout the inspection process.  


Bluebeam Studio allows the project team to collaborate on specific and unique tasks at the same time and live. Examples include constructability reviews, and submittal reviews.

Revu is positively impacting construction management activities on the San Diego Central Court Project by providing an efficient environment to collaborate, communicate ideas, and quickly reference and find relevant information.

Are you using Revu on your project? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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