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VDC Series: Virtual Building at the Design Phase

Posted by Patrick Krzyzosiak on Thu, Jun 02, 2016 @ 15:06 PM

It almost goes without saying; a majority of important project decisions are made at the design phase. Traditionally, all project stakeholders do not participate at this phase. For argument sake, let’s imagine a scenario where all project stakeholders are involved during the design phase. You’d expect get a clearer picture on project scope and geometric detail. Decisions on physical construction would lead to greater outcomes in terms of timing, delivery, and cost. Add virtual building into the mix and you’ve got an environment that sparks proactive engagement and, ultimately, greater results. This post makes the case for building in a virtual environment.

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Topics: Design Phase, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Best Practice, virtual building

3 Key Benefits of Building with Virtual Reality

Posted by Patrick Krzyzosiak on Thu, May 08, 2014 @ 14:05 PM

As virtual reality technologies become more commonplace, there is a growing demand for a spatial understanding of the future building and its' workspaces.  From a builder’s perspective, there is increasing pressure to perform more efficiently without sacrificing quality and safety.  The only way to enable these efficiencies is by rethinking the project delivery method. 

It is pretty well understood that every project requires a different set of skills from from each stakeholder.  When rethinking a project’s delivery, a majority of the important decisions occur early on in the design phase. Let’s suppose all the stakeholders are included at this phase allowing for more accurate scope and geometric detail. Together, project stakeholders could make decisions that would lead to dramatic effects on the physical construction of the project in the areas of timing, delivery and cost.

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Topics: Design Phase, Virtual Reality, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

10 Solid Reasons Why VDC Is Essential During the Design Phase

Posted by Patrick Krzyzosiak on Tue, Nov 19, 2013 @ 08:11 AM

Let’s assume you and I are on a project together. We’ve determined the project requirements and the design phase is about to commence.  The project architect is beginning to shape the client vision through a series of project drawings and written specifications.  We know the client will be a part of this process to review the drawings and make important decisions. As we begin to embark on the design phase, we start to wonder how virtual design and construction practices could benefit our project.  

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Topics: Design Phase, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Best Practice